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Struggling with your hair is no fun. Not knowing what salon to go to is even worse.  Well here at Pre'Vail we want to eliminate that battle and we want you to know exactly where to go for your hair needs.

healthy hair shaft

Healthy Head Of Hair

Triple H

Did you know that hair is a indicator of general good health.  Healthy hair comes from a healthy body and is mirrored from a persons physical and emotional welfare.  Nourishment comes from the food we eat.  The scalp and hair are feed through the bloodstream so it is important that the blood flow is not restricted.  Scalp massages help circulate blood flow.
Food Benefits
  • ​Salmon, tuna, and sardines offer oils tat add luster and elasticity to the hair and scalp and they are also high in protein which strengthen shaft.
  • ​Beans are and excellent souce of iron, zinc, protein, and biotin
  • ​Poultry that is organic is great for strengthening the hair shaft as it is high in protein.
  • ​Whole-breads and brown rice are fortified with B vitamins, biotin and zinc.
  • ​Almond milk, soy milk and yogurt are great sources of calcium and protein.
  • Kale and collards are high in iodine, which keeps your thyroid active
  • Broccoli and spinach help produce our natural scalp oil and slows down the aging of our skin.

Alot of people  are scared of transitioning because they feel like the big chop is the only way, but​ it is not.  The Big Chop is a method for someone that wants an instant transition.  The Big Chop is not for everyone.  ​Going natural can be hassel-free if you are prepared, patient, and committed.  With the Big Chop styles are limited to how big the chop really is because some woman let their hair grow out past a certain length before they decided to cut.

Transitioning to natural without the Big Chop is for someone that does not want loose their length and  would rather trim on a regular basis. This method is not instant and takes time.  Hair grows approximately 1/2 inch per month so depending on the length of the relaxed hair this process can be very timely. One way to think about it is if you recieve a trim on a regular basis and take off a 1/2 inch every 4 to 6 weeks, the length of your hair would stay the same.
No Big Chop needed.

Here at Pre'Vail we want to help with your transition, no matter which method you choose. We are here to answer questions and teach you how to maintain your style at home.  We are here to provide service to you so if at any time you are not satisfied with a service let us know, your statisfaction is guaranteed!

Understanding the Transition

Transitioning from straight to shrinkage seems to be the last thing on a person’s mind when making the decision to go NATURAL!  Being strong and determined for the first 3 months is very, very important. 

Once the new growth starts to get about an inch long a lot of women have second thoughts and start to wonder if they made the right decision.  At this point you must understand that you are dealing with two different textures and should put more thought into your daily styling. Most women feel like they should straighten out the new growth to get it to blend but the best thing to do is to change the texture of the straight.  This prevents the heat damage you'll get when trying to tame the shrinkage!
​Finding styles in the early stage of transitioning can also be difficult. If you decide not to do the "Big Chop" and just trim your hair as it grows don't let styling be a struggle. Most clients like "Combo Styles" just because its 95% maintenance free and lasts up to 3 weeks. This style is created by using two or more techniques below and works for those who are transitioning and for those who have nothing but shrinkage. 

Hair, Hair, Hair

  1. Wavy
    Wavy hair tends to require a regular moisture regime with a low-ph product to close the cuticle and retain moisture. Enhancers are needed to reduce frizz.
  2. Curly
    Curly hair tends to have high elasticity and reflects little light. A regular moisture regime with a low-ph product to close the cuticle and retain moisture. Enhancers are needed to reduce frizz.
  3. Tight Curls
    Tight Curls
    Tight curly hair tangles easy and knots at the end. A regular moisture regime with a low-ph product to close the cuticle and retain moisture. It can feel dry to touch and use oil for sheen
  4. Coily
    Coily hair is fragile, it tangles and breaks easily. Requires a low-ph product to close the cuticle and retain moisture. Retaining moisture requires extra attention and oil is good for sheen
  5. Tight Coils
    Tight Coils
    Tight coils equals shrinkage. This texture tends to be fragile, it breaks easily and tangles at the ends. It needs repeated moisture applications and oil for sheen
  6. Kinky
    Kinky hair has a lot of shrinkage, it very fragile, tangles very easily, and its frizzy. A regular moisture regime with a low-ph product to close the cuticle and retain moisture.
  7. Wiry
    Wiry Hair feels coarse or even rough to the touch. It is extremely fragile, tangles very easy and has low porosity. It requires an intense moisture regime and protein to minimize breakage.

There are many different ways to keep your natural hair healthy, but the most important one comes from patience and commitment.  Without those two you will find it very hard to maintain and keep natural hair.​​

Below are a few things to keep in mind:

-What you put inside you is what you are going to get on the outside. So drink lots of water to flush out toxins.

-Don't pack your hair with heavy products.

-Really get to know your texture type and what works for you.

-If you're going to wash between visits, make sure you are using natural shampoos that are sulfate and paraben free. It is recommended to use the same products at home that are used in salon.

-Let your hair air dry so that it can retain as much moisture as possible.

-Every 6 to 8 weeks you should check for split ends and get a conditioning hydration. It will help repair damage and keep hair healthy.

-Shampooing with very warm water opens up the cortex layer of the hair and rinsing conditioner with cold water locks moisture into the cuticle layer.
No two people have the same hair and many times one person may have different textures but no matter what you have you should be able to manage you hair and get the results you want.