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Struggling with your hair is no fun. Not knowing what salon to go to is even worse.  Well here at Pre'Vail we want to eliminate that battle and we want you to know exactly where to go for your hair needs.

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​Who we are

Pre'Vail is a hair salon that specializes in natural hair.  Our services are offered at reasonable prices, using all-natural products made to promote healthly, manageable, beautiful hair.

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​What we do

We strive to give all clients modern, sophisticate, versatile styles. Pre'Vail specializes in chemical free services while paying superior attention to healthy hair and scalp.​

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​Why us?

​When it comes to sophisticated styles and modern looks, Pre'Vail is the natural hair salon that sets the bar. Our stylists are experts that take the art of styling and cutting to the next level. So when you want the most amazing style and beautiful color, you'll absolutely get it.

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